Refund Guarantee

Dear Sloth Lover,

We guarantee you'll love your Sloth and Sloth gear. If not, contact us within 30 days to get your money back 100%! Simply contact us with your order number and email using our contact page and our Customer Support Sloths will get in touch with you within 1-business day. Depending on the item we may require you return the product to us in which case you will be reimbursed an additional 10% of the item cost to compensate for shipping once the item has arrived.

The sloth's here know that when you purchase from us, you're showing a lot of trust. We want to return that same trust to you. If you referenced the size chart but still ordered the wrong size by mistake, that's okay. We all make mistakes.

Most apparel brands would not offer a refund for poor fitting clothing. But here at Sloth and Sloth we believe in "do as you would be done by." If you ever do have an issue with your order we hope you would allow us the chance to make things right. And so we first we wish to show you that same understanding and kindness. Honest mistakes happen: if you order the wrong size or simply don't like the fit, we are happy to give you a full refund. 

We know that you'll love our apparel so much that you'll come back and share the joy with those you love. 

We believe in taking the stress out of shopping. Why? Well, it's in the catchphrase.

Live Slow, Live Longer.

With love,

Sloth and Sloth