Quality First

Dear Sloth Lovers,

Ah, the humble t-shirt. So seemingly simple, yet so pivotal the our modern way of dress. A great mode of expression. Wonderful when they fit well (we all have our favorite at home) but terrible when they don't. You can wear it out with friends, or (if you’re feeling particularly slothy) while cuddled up in a blanket fort at home in your pajama pants. Everyone loves them, but what exactly makes our shirts stand out from the crowd?

Our shirts are made with combed ringspun cotton.

Why is that important? The process for manufacturing a regular cotton shirt results in the cotton threads being bulky and fuzzy on the edges. Ringspun cotton on the other hand, is made from twisting and thinning the cotton, making for a smoother and slimmer thread.

In practical terms, this means that a ringspun cotton shirt will feel softer and have a smoother surface because the threads are so fine and the impurities in the cotton are combed off. It is more expensive to manufacture ringspun cotton, but to us, the benefits are worth the extra cost. Not only do you get a softer and more comfortable tee, but it will also be more durable due to the tight weave!

Our shirts aren’t your typical plain t-shirt! 

They have been cut and sewn to have a more tailored feel in their shape. Because of the ringspun cotton, they have a lighter drape over the body and can easily be dressed up, or worn casual for ultimate comfort.

And don't worry about sizing! We have the sloth's double check all of the size charts to make sure they match the sizing of the product you will receive. So as long as you purchase based on those measurements, you'll get the perfect fit. 

All our clothing is ethically produced.

While the clothing is printed in America, the brands we choose to partner with are WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), meaning that the clothing items from other countries in origin are made and sewn in factories that are sweatshop free and child labor free supporting impoverished economic employment in an ethical manner.

There you have it! Buying from Sloth and Sloth means that you are buying quality clothing that is cuddly enough for a sloth, durable, and ethically made. Best of all, you’ll make a sloth’s day when you place your order! 

Don't leave us hangin'! You'll love it, guaranteed!

With love,

The Quality Control Sloths